[K12OSN] Love the disclaimer

troy banther troybanther at plateautel.net
Mon May 24 12:13:14 UTC 2004

> Official Disclaimer:  I am not a professional software developer, be it 
> for Web apps or otherwise, but rather just a systems/network engineer.

Heh. I love the disclaimer.

My degrees are in Communication and Sociology.  I started out with a GED
in the military so I earned those degrees the hard way. Yet, I was hired
as a Support Specialist and small Network Administrator. I am now up to
three networks and over 110 clients and three servers. One large
Plato-based, one small dedicated net for ABE, and one cluster of
peer-to-peer. But like you I am not a software developer. In fact, I
sometimes believe that it gives us an advantage.


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