[K12OSN] Re: Winbind won't start

David Trask dtrask at vcs.u52.k12.me.us
Mon May 24 16:47:27 UTC 2004

"Joe Faletra" <jfaletra at sau16.org> writes:
>I posted this issue originally as I couldn't get an XP system to
>connect to a K12LTSP "domain"  It turned out that smbd was not starting
>on boot.  Fixed that problem now however, winbind will not start at all

No...but I'll explore....I'm running into similar little things in my
development of a new Samba/LDAP...once I work them out I'll let you
know...get me a little bit of time.  Otherwise....keep trying and keep me

Actually after a little exploring...why are you trying to run Winbind? 
Are you trying to integrate a Win2K server?  I'm not using winbind at all
and I have an XP network.

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Coordinator
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask at vcs.u52.k12.me.us

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