[K12OSN] NFS Client for Windows

Julius Szelagiewicz julius at turtle.com
Wed May 26 23:43:17 UTC 2004

> On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 14:50, Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:
>> Les,
>> 	CIPE demise is very bad news indeed. IPsec is fine and dandy if
>> you have routable addresses, when you have the cable provider insist on
>> giving you a natted address, you can use CIPE for vpn, but not IPsec.
>> Maybe the new IPsec behaves differently from the current one ...
> OpenVPN is probably a reasonable substitute these days and is supposed
> to interoperate between Linux and Windows, but I'm not sure if it
> is packaged for rpm/apt/yum updates.
> The new IPsec is also supposed to have a standard for UDP
> tunneling but I haven't investigated that much yet either.

 the problem for me is the documentation - on one hand i am being assure
that the encryption is going to be handled at a very low lwvel, so that
it will become "ubiquitous and effortless", on the other hand i don't see
how the heck IPsec is supposed to travel through natted networks, since
the real change is to come with ipv6 and even there i seem to be missing
the magic component. the  worst part is that cipe works for me everywhere
and ipsec only in places where i have a routable address. to make it even
worse, cipe is idiotically easy to set up after you pointed out to me the
existence of the gui front end ;-)

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