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Holmes Wilson holmes at worcestercoop.org
Thu May 27 00:46:19 UTC 2004

More on the live CD thin-client-maker:

Could you please elaborate? Normally you just put in a network card and
switch on. On live terminal servers, Knoppix has one built in that works
very nicely. LTSP is also widely used in non-school environments, and
it's starting to get very popular over here in South Africa. We get lots
of computers fromthe UK with stickers on that says "good for africa". It
turns out they are good for LTSP too :)


Jonathan, what I had in mind was Stephen's idea, from a previous post:

No, what we really need is a diagnostics CD (ala KNOPIX) that will boot 
terminal as a semi-fat client, connect to the LTSP server, output all 
of the
correct config options for that terminal's lts.conf entry (maybe even 
add the entry in lts.conf?) a link to the proper rom-o-matic image and 
a nice script to create a boot floppy/HD boot image from the ROM image.

When using donated hardware it's not practical to get netboot chips for 
all the different network cards.  So the easiest thing to do is just to 
make boot floppies, which have to correspond to specific network cards. 
  Then you have to make some corresponding edits to files on the server.

There is already a live-cd which turns donated hardware into a thin 
the PXES Linux thin client.
I've tried it out, works a treat!
Just download the iso and burn it to CD.
Tony Hadfield

I checked out pxes.sf.net and I couldn't completely figure out what it 
did, and what it didn't do.  Is the functionality exactly the same as 
that described above, except with a CD instead of a boot floppy?  Does 
PXES take care of changing the settings on the server to accommodate 
the new client, or do you have to do that manually?   Is it easy enough 
to install on a k12ltsp server?

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