[K12OSN] Best approach to calm the school's administration ab out Linux?

Jeff Kinz jkinz at kinz.org
Fri May 28 20:27:37 UTC 2004

George and Henry's replies make an excellent point:

You are teaching the students basic principles of how to use a computer
which they can use on any type of computer.

For example: Otis Library in Norwich Connecticut installed
a number of linux boxes for their library patrons to use for word
processing and internet browsing in November of last year.

None of their patrons needed ANY instructions on how to use those
systems.  They just sat down and started using them.

For a windows user the start up curve to begin using these systems was 

Ask your skeptics what brand of vehicle they drive. Then ask them if
they think they would have any problem driving one of the other brands.

The controls are pretty well standardized even though they don't look
the same.  It only takes a few moments to get used to driving a
different car.   Same principle applies here.

#2 - Linux is the future, not Windows.  Take a look at :
(Thats me, presenting at the head of the room. :)

Students who use Linux will actually be better prepared for the future
than those stuck on Windows.

On the right hand side, under "presentation slides" you will find 
a link to a powerpoint file.  I created that presentation in 
OpenOffice- Impress and saved it in powerpoint format.

If you have any trouble getting the file let me know.

In this presentation you will find numbers about how
many organizations and countries are adopting Linux.

If the current trends continue, The number of microsoft desktop
users will begin shrinking in about 4 to 6 years.  The Linux desktop
user's are currently growing at rates in excess of 1000 % a year.
(for example SUN signed a contract to put SUN's JDS (A linux based
desktop) on 200 million chinese desktops,  The contract calls for 
500,000 desktops to be installed the first year.)

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