[K12OSN] Davicom Network card in Etherboot

Timothy Legge tlegge at rogers.com
Mon Oct 4 01:20:51 UTC 2004


I am looking for people with the following Davicom based network cards:

0x1282, 0x9100, "davicom9100", "Davicom 9100"
0x1282, 0x9102, "davicom9102", "Davicom 9102"
0x1282, 0x9009, "davicom9009", "Davicom 9009"
0x1282, 0x9132, "davicom9132", "Davicom 9132"

I have ported the linux dmfe driver to replace the current davicom
driver.  The new driver is obviously called dmfe.

If you have tried the davicom driver in the past with no luck, please
try the dmfe driver.  If necessary I can send you a dmfe.dsk file
otherwise the cvs is up to date.

I am particularly interested in the 0x9009 card.  It seems that my card
is broken, which explain the inordinate amount of time I spent on this
driver and probably explains why I originally could not fix the davicom

In bug reports, please let me know which version of the nic you are


Tim Legge

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