[K12OSN] Intrigue !!!!

norbert bear2bar at netscape.net
Sat Oct 16 02:33:47 UTC 2004


I'm just waiting for the board to actually install it in one school. The 
school boards are subsidised by the government and they are all in a 
deficit situation. This one board in only 4 million in debt, so when 
they launch this SUN - Windows thin-client contraption I'll be more than 
happy to let the media in on the costing of SUN servers & M$ licenses 
versus K12LTSP.
The teachers love the K12 system, as does the principals AND the kids ! 
our "lowly P-I 75 Mhz with 64Mb perform as fast as stand-alone P-IV XP 
workstations. hmmm maybe there was more to the lawsuit settlement 
between SUn & M$ than was published ......


microman at cmosnetworks.com wrote:

> norbert wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I know that this is off topic but I had to share this "gem"......
>> The school board into which we have had fantastic success with 
>> K12ltsp in the schools has "announced" that they will replace at 
>> their cost the teacher computers, most of which are circa P-I !!!, 
>> with new Windows thin-clients.
>> Now the "kicker", after arguing with us that their strategic 
>> direction was to centralize all the servers, hence why the board was 
>> NOT supporting K12LTSP deployment, the board is offering to set-up & 
>> install locally SUN Servers to run the Windows thin-clients.
>> First comment - how in hell do you run a Windows thin-client from a 
>> SUN server and second why would anyone in their right mind agree to 
>> this.
> Answer to first:
> Perhaps this Windows thin client comes with an X11 server of some 
> sort...or the Sun server somehow replicates Windows Terminal Server 
> functionality.
> Answer to second:
> It's not their *personal* wallet, that's why.  My district is equally 
> idiotic.  The only way to get such nutcases to change their minds is 
> by public embarrassment and *lots* of negative media coverage w.r.t. 
> their proposed direction.  One angle could be that they're taking 
> money otherwise spendable for the educational process itself and 
> blowing it on expensive, unneeded "toys".  That kind of thing always 
> makes a good news story.  It's a shame I've had to learn to think this 
> way....
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