[K12OSN] Intrigue !!!!

Chris Thomas cwt137 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 16 22:15:19 UTC 2004


Sun does make x86 servers that have Opteron CPUs and
run windows. Look here:


near the middle to bottom of page.


--- norbert <bear2bar at netscape.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> I know that this is off topic but I had to share
> this "gem"......
> The school board into which we have had fantastic
> success with K12ltsp 
> in the schools has "announced" that they will
> replace at their cost the 
> teacher computers, most of which are circa P-I !!!,
> with new Windows 
> thin-clients.
> Now the "kicker", after arguing with us that their
> strategic direction 
> was to centralize all the servers, hence why the
> board was NOT 
> supporting K12LTSP deployment, the board is offering
> to set-up & install 
> locally SUN Servers to run the Windows thin-clients.
> First comment - how in hell do you run a Windows
> thin-client from a SUN 
> server and second why would anyone in their right
> mind agree to this.
> enjoy
> norbert
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