[K12OSN] moving /home to separate drive

Carl Keil carl at snarlnet.com
Thu Oct 21 16:02:55 UTC 2004

Does anyone have any tips for moving /home to a separate drive and then 
upgrading to 4.1 without losing all the /home data?
I'm just not clear on what settings you'd choose during install to ensure 
that you set up the directory structure properly, with /home on a separate 
drive, but not erasing anything there.  I'm starting from a botched 
"upgrade" install of 4.1 already, but my server is hosed.  I need to keep 
everything in the /home directory, but I'd like to do a clean install of 
everything else and reconfigure from scratch.

Does SATA work pretty well with FC2/K12LTSP4.1?

Anybody got a step by step procedure written down for doing this?

Thanks so much,


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