[K12OSN] NIS user authenticated OK but nothing works

Joshua Sanders ism at ywammt.org
Sun Oct 24 22:27:54 UTC 2004

I am assuming you are talking to me with a NIS/ NFS problem on our
Yes, NIS is fixed on homeserver and all four LTSP servers get their
authentication from it. I have made some progress on fixing my prblems
since i write two days ago. I figured out that:
1.) my authentication if working fine
2.) Root accounts works on all machines,
3.) all user accounts work when loggin into homeserver locally (e.g not a
NIS or a funcationality problem with the home directories)
4.) if i log in as a user in command line on any one of the LTSP servers
(ctrl+alt+f1 at login) i can log in but not start X, (gives an error that
has to do with fonts)
5.) if I try modfy that users homedirectory (mkkdir skunk) i get a
permission denied error.

Conclusion: Somehow my NFS /home mounts are mounting Read Only (though i
am not aware of any changes that have been made to either the exports file
(it is consistant with a back up from a year ago):

or the FSTAB with is the way think it should be on the homeserver:
"LABEL=/home1          /home                 ext3    defaults     1  2"

and on the LTSP server:
"       /home                  nfs    defaults     0  0"
(where is the IP of the homeserver)

Does any one know any other place of file that could have been changed
that would cause my nfs mount /home to mount as read only.


> Hello,  Is the NIS problem fixed?  I use my K12LTSP server 3.1.x to
> authenticate by NIS all of my standalone linux boxes...  Things are
> working  for me, so maybe I can help.  I can tell you that my students
> DO get "I have  no name" showing up in the an xterminal prompt, but
> everything does work  just fine for my thousands of logons every day.
> Jim
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