[K12OSN] Homeserver crashed --> now X -won't start

Tim Scholten tim.scholten at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 02:01:13 UTC 2004

1. Do the ltsp servers have read and write permissions for the nfs
share? I had this happen when the user couldn't write to their home

Tim S.

On Sat, 23 Oct 2004 11:56:44 -0600 (MDT), Joshua Sanders <ism at ywammt.org> wrote:
> I have four servers running LTSP 4.1.1 all of which talk to a home server
> (Redhat 9.0) that contains everyone's home directories, (and which
> controls authentication via NIS.) We restarted homeserver yesterday at
> lunch because NIS authentication is not recogenizating on the stand alone
> machines we are building for remote locations... it has not been restarted
> in a long time so it asked for a file system check and came up with a
> bunch of inode errors - all of which it fixed. It came back up and
> authentication works great for servers running ltsp. But when someoen
> tried to log in, it starts X and then kicks them back out after about 2
> seconds of trying to load. It gives a pointless error about "your session
> not lasting more than ten seconds..." I am stuck. Log in and
> authentication seem to be working because it startings... but it doesn't
> go any where.
> 1. when i log onto homsever locally with any user in NIS it works fine.
> (it is only on the ltsp servers that it kicks them back out to the log in
> screen.
> 2. their are not firewalls internally and ypserv is running fine
> 3. when i open OO on the homeserver the fonts are all size 50 or so and
> all out of proportion - I mention this because someone mentioned that I
> might have an error in my font server. (but I dont know what to check or
> how to fix it.)
> 4. I tried login on from tsclient to see if that made a difference and it
> exited out on a error not being able to load a font in my
> "/usr/X11R6/X11/fonts/CID/"
> any thoughts?
> joshua
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