[K12OSN] Anyonewith k12ltsp on older Compaq ProLiant servers?

"Terrell Prudé, Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Wed Sep 8 00:37:07 UTC 2004

I've got a Compaq 3000 quad Pentium III/500 w/ 2.5GB DRAM, and K12LTSP 
3.1.2 works nicely for me--video, Gig NIC, and all.

For the video issues, I see that with LCDs more often than anything 
else.  You might want to go to a command prompt (hit Ctrl-Alt-F1), log 
in/become root, run xf86config (might also be called xorgconfig, since 
some distros now use X.org vs. XFree86), and set your max vertical 
resolution to 60Hz.  I don't know of a monitor made since 1992 that 
can't do 60Hz.  You might also consider running your server in 
800x600x16bit, or even 800x600x8bit if necessary.  Note that you will 
need to know your video chipset to do this and how much video RAM you 
have (I'm guessing 512kB or 1MB).  The clients, remember, do *not* use 
the server's own video display settings for themselves.  For example, my 
clients all run at 1024x768x24bit, but my server runs at 800x600x16bit.


Gary Frederick wrote:

> I got two Compaq ProLiant servers and would like to hear from anyone 
> that has got them working with k12ltsp
> They are
> 5000 - 4 Pentium 200 boards, 384 Mb memory, 8Gb level 5 raid?
> 2500 - 2 Pentium 200 boards, 256 Mb memory, 8Gb level 1+0 raid?
> I installed k12ltsp - 4.1 on the 5000 and it is complaining that the 
> monitor is out of range.
> I failed to get anything to run on the 2500.
> I am still working with them, but it dropped to the bottom of my list 
> when they did not come up smooth.
> Gary
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