[K12OSN] samba-winbind-ads setup

cliebow at downeast.net cliebow at downeast.net
Thu Sep 9 23:30:03 UTC 2004

can i send you config files???oe did I?you are tryimg to auth win 200 server??
> <<<<
> Despite many reads, and lots of tweaks, I have yet to get the
> samba-winbind-ads configuration to work. 
>  The closest I got was that wbinfo u and g, and getent passwd returned
> the correct values.  Only problem is, my users and I couldnt access the
> shares.  We were prompted for usernames and passwords, and despite every
> combination we tried, access was always denied.
> >>>>
> You may try reseting their ADS password, that has worked for similar
> problem we had.  I read it somewhere in all the samba-winbind-ads docs, but
> don't remember where now.
> Joe O'Brien
> Meridian School District
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