[K12OSN] K12LTSP Presentation and Contact List

Jonathan Carter jonathan at shuttleworthfoundation.org
Mon Sep 13 08:49:07 UTC 2004

Hi Steve

We have done similar presentations in South Africa. If you need copies, 
I can email them to you, or upload them, since it's quite large.


steve at hargadon.com wrote:

>Next week I am giving a presentation on K12LTSP to the Non-Commercial
>Refurbishers Summit in Chicago. 
>(http://pcsforschools.org/ncrs/standards.html)  What started originally as
>a 15 minute slot has now been expanded to 90 minutes, and they have asked
>me to set up a working lab as well.  Attending will be non-profit computer
>refurbishers from all over the country (and some international as well).
>As a part of my presentation, I'd like to present a list of schools and
>businesses who are running LTSP--both to show some of the scope of
>implementation, and also to serve as a resource.  If you would be
>comfortable being listed, would you please send me a note with your contact
>Last month I helped a charter school in Hawaii install K12LTSP, and I am
>working with the Candian government to set up 2,000 LTSP labs in Kenya,
>Africa (which should be about 40,000 workstations).  For the last 16 years
>my company has refurbished computer equipment, and schools and school
>districts have been some of our most consistent customers.  I have three
>demonstrations of K12LTSP scheduled this month, and I am interested in
>providing K12LTSP installation and consulting as a part of our services.  I
>would also welcome any help, advice, or contact related to this as well.  
>I really appreciate all who have worked to create such a great use for used
>computers, and I have found this list to be an enormously helpful resource.
>Thank you,
>Steve Hargadon
>Hargadon Computer
>916-652-8600, ext. 711
>steve at hargadon.com

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