[K12OSN] problems booting terminal

Joshua Sanders ism at ywammt.org
Mon Sep 20 20:07:56 UTC 2004

I just installed the a clean version of K12LTSP (4.0.1) and sent the last
few days configuring it. I took over this network second hand so I spent
some time and really ripped this server apart to understand how it all
works. It is kinds of a custom network with one server acting as NIS, NAS
(Home Directories, and DNS all on that server and 4 other terminal servers
around the campus calling information from them.)

I got the server working fine with NIS and everything... and all looks
well until I switch a computer that server's group in dhcpd.conf - the
computer loads fine and gets all the way to loading a graphical scene of X
- (a grey screen with an 'X' icon for the mouse) and goes no further. I
cannot figure out what would stop them from loading after they were that
far along in the boot process. I am writing because I wondered if there
was a new 'fix' or 'update' (since I was using K12LTSP v3.0) that would
cause this server to not want to 'play' with all my other servers.

(I have turned off named and mnt'd home from my home server... as well as
varified NIS is Working locally on the Server.)

Any other thoughts
(Oh, and though our network may sound impressive, I am pretty new at Linux
so if you think of something stupid that everyone would know to do...
please let me know. ;)


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