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Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Thu Sep 30 17:27:59 UTC 2004

O'Reilly used to post their old edition of Samba on the web...
I do it without LDAP....David Trask has a nice LDAP/Samba howto.


David H. Barr wrote:

>Greetings, List!
>I've finally gotten enough of my urgent projects completed that I have a
>few days to focus on an IMPORTANT project; that of converting our old
>email server into a K12LTSP server.  I rsync'ed my 4.0.1 images to 4.1.0
>overnight, and ran the install this morning -- flawless!
>Then, after installing, I noticed all the LDAP / KB5 stuff.  Wow!  It
>never occurred to me that I could use the K12LTSP box as a PDC!  I had
>originally planned to use an old nt 4.0 license in there to take care of
>the Windows boxes (we keep the lab on it's own domain and subnet).
>At any rate, I say all that to say this: I went around looking for
>HOW-TO's on the subject of using JUST my K12LTSP box as the sole
>authentication for a mixed MS and *nix network, and all my searches led
>me here:
>Sadly, all the links from that page appear to be outdated / broken.  My
>question for you today, then, is this:  Where can I find current
>documentation on setting up K12LTSP as a PDC?
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