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Re: [K12OSN] Given this situation, why bother continue with LTSP?

My BIG question would be the upgrade costs --

in 5 years will these person be willing to buy all new machines?

What about the NEW cost of installing Windows? -- Do they pay you to
maintain the lab? Do you have a dual roll?  Because now you will have to
spend more time away from your current work schedule to maintain that
lap, therefore work longer hours, therefore need paid more. 

As another note, it drives me nuts, as an educator, when I hear people
say that "my child will be at a disadvantage cause he/she is not
learning Windows"  UGH, what a stupid arguement.  In High School I took
a computer course, and a "college writing" course.  The computer course
was designed COMPLETELY around Window 3.1 and DOS.  The college Writing
course include a HUGE amount of time teaching WordPerfect 5.1 I college
I took a course called "DOS, Windows, and The Internet", I was designed
as a "intro" course on how to use the computer.  It was based on using
DOS (as the name), Windows 3.11, and Gopher, the Internet as we know it
(www) was just 1 chapter in this HUGE book, and not even covered in
class.  -- I don't use any of these anymore, and the same goes for their
child.  I am sure this goes for many of the people on this list.  How
many of you accually were "schooled" with your current computer

Ask the parents that question.  Ask any teacher in your school that
question.  Are they at a disavantage? or did they adapt their old
knowledge to the new paradim?  We need to teach child HOW TO USE A
parent/teachers that answered yes to the first question, "What if you
WERE tought how to use <INSERT TYPE OF PROGRAM> instead of <NAME BRANDED
PROGRAM>, do you think you would still be at a disavantage?"  If they
PROGRAM>honest with you and themselves, I'm sure you will get the answer
PROGRAM>you want to hear.

I want my child to learn how to use a word processor, not how to use
Word -- I want my child to learn how to search the internet for VALID
information, not how to use Internet Explorer.  I want my child to learn
how to move/copy/delete/backup files and WHY, not just how to do it in
Windows XP.  I certainly do not want my childs actions to be followed by
some spyware crap, or have her browser hi-jacked by some horrible web
site, and have her sent to some XXX-site.

Sorry, my rant is over now :-)

I know you have an up-hill fight on your hands, know that you are not
alone, even when you feel like you are.

As a side note, why not use maybe IceWM and ROX-Filer, or KDE, or adjust
GNOME -- make things a little more "Windows Friendly".  You can even
find a number of themes out there that will give you the ugly green
button and such.  Might take off some of the heat.  I have spent a lot
of time making Linux Desktops "Windows Friendly" so feel free to ask for

On Wed, 20 Apr 2005 11:24:02 -0700
Steve Hargadon <steve hargadon gmail com> wrote:

> > Given that the major driving force which helped me discover LTSP was
> > the ability to afford Windows, with that roadblock gone, what reason
> > is there not to go with Windows?
> Well, certainly you face the continued virus/spyware issues and
> maintenance associated with that.  And later upgrade and license fees.
> Could you run both Windows and LTSP?  
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