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Re: [K12OSN] How to make your users love Linux

powerful is all fine and dandy ;)
I prefer simplicity, PINE...many dislike pine for sure.
But like I say when I see a Lotus or Ferrari cruise'n down the road
at 65 mph... "What a waste of power if you aren't going to use it."
And my mail habits are quite simplex like the majority of email users, thus, I don't feel that anyone will fall in love with Linux because of the MUTT mail client.

No offense was meant of course.


Mike Heins wrote:
Quoting Huck (dhuckaby paasda org):

I've always hated MUTT...
and been use'n linux since '93.

What mail client do you use? I will express my hate. After
all -- I hate all non-Mutt clients. 8-)

Mutt is by far the most powerful mail client I know of -- if you
know how to use it properly. For instance, I am replying to this
with a "folder-hook", so that any message I send that was sent
*to* k12osn redhat com automatically makes my From: and Reply-To:
be what it is.

Of course if you are in the habit of trying to point-and-click
your way to happiness, Mutt won't do you much good. But like vim, given an investment of time it returns it with interest.

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