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Petar Dimitrijevic perodim at on.net.mk
Fri Feb 4 02:27:33 UTC 2005


> Hey all, I trust you're all having a wonderful day. I had a quick
> (hopefully) question regarding languages. When I installed on K12 setup
> here I made sure to install several languages (Korean, Chinese, and
> Japanese in addition to English). We have several international students
> here who would like to be able to type in their native language.

The point is that when you install additional languages you don't set up 
keyboard layouts. Also you don't have to install additional langs. if 
you only wish to enable the students to type text in their native language.

> If we
> log in and select say...Korean as the language for the session the menus
> will display in the language, but if we open OO.o and try to type, it
> still uses normal English characters. Even if we change the font from
> Times Roman to one of the Korean fonts it still displays english
> characters. Any ideas on how to change this? Thanks in advance.
This is not a font issue either. You should setup keyboard layouts. 
Setting up the layouts depends of which dekstop are you using KDE, Gnome 
or XFCE. It is possible to set up layouts for all of them.

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