[K12OSN] smbldap-installer issue with roaming profiles...help find the bug

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Fri Feb 4 15:06:54 UTC 2005

> I think you guys may have hit on something....I am not able to create
> roaming profiles in /opt/samba/profiles    Should happen 
> automatically. I'm going to try and debug this, but could use your 
> help....if anyone finds out why this isn't working....please let me 
> know.  The profile should be automatically created once the Windows 
> user logs off for the first time.  This isn't happening.....

Glad to hear its not just me :-)

Here is the message I get on login:
You do not have permission to access your central profile located at
\\COTTER-PDC\profiles. Contact your network administrator.

I checked the /opt/samba/profiles and the permissions are 1777.  I see in
smb.conf that the [profiles] share is not browsable by default.  But if in
Network Neighborhood I enter "\\COTTER-PDC\profiles" I have full permissions
to add delete files at will.  So it doesn't make sense to me why upon login I
don't have permissions.  Is there something in the sequence of logging in that
my user isn't authenticated early enough to have access to the share on login?

The other funny thing is, it seems that no matter what I change in relation to
paths to the profiles folder it still always attempts to login to
\\COTTER-PDC\profiles.  Is there another configuration from LDAP or something
that is over-riding the smb.conf?

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