[K12OSN] Help! Sendmail doesn't SEND - only receives

Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Fri Feb 4 17:53:41 UTC 2005

What are Mozilla and T-bird using for the outgoing (SMTP) server?  What happens 
if you try to send a message from Moz or Tbird to another user at localhost?  In 
otherwords, assuming you have user1, user2, user3, IDs setup on the server, if 
you login on the terminal as user1, use Moz/Tbird to send a message to 
user2 at localhost, and then have a look at /var/spool/mail/user2 to see if the 
message is at least delivered internally.  Post back what you find.

richard ingalls wrote:
> I have tried the suggestions posted previously.  PLUS,
> many other things in desperation (from Webmin and
> manually on my server)... so I'm at a loss here...
> OK, let me start from scratch on this one... What
> SHOULD I do to make it so that users in my network can
> send mail from our sendmail server, using Mozilla mail
> or the dreaded M$ Outlook/Express?  What are the
> settings that need to be in place on the server and on
> the clients?  Bear in mind that I have the users go
> through a proxy server/filter to get to the mail
> server, but I can bypass this if necessary and give
> them direct connection.
> What are all the things that I should have in place
> for this to function correctly?  I have imap and
> sendmail installed.  I can receive mail - no problem. 
> I can SEND from LOCALHOST only.  So Usermin is working
> fine.  BUT Mozilla Mail and Thunderbird can't SEND
> from clients in my network.
> If all hope is lost, I guess I can tell all my users
> they will simply have to use Usermin.
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