[K12OSN] Wine, IE6 and Java

Brian Beck Linux_Man at comcast.net
Sun Feb 6 04:25:35 UTC 2005

Mark Cockrell wrote:
> Hello all,
>    I recently managed to get Internet Explorer 6 working using WINE and
> WineTools, but I can't seem to get Java working with it.  I'm getting a 
> message saying that there's not enough memory to install the Java 
> Virtual Machine.  We need to use this for some online testing, and I'm 
> hoping to be able to use our thin-client labs.  Any (constructive) 
> thoughts are welcome. (No "Microsoft is evil" stuff, please.)

Why, in the name of God, would you ever run that insecure POS on a Linux 
system?  Seriously.  Just get Firefox working before someone hacks your 

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