[K12OSN] RE: smbldap-installer v. 1.2-gamma (Jim Kronebusch)

Tom Astle tom at pcc.com
Wed Feb 9 16:00:51 UTC 2005

David Trask wrote:

>"Support list for opensource software in schools." <k12osn at redhat.com> on
>Wednesday, February 9, 2005 at 10:24 AM +0000 wrote:
>>Ok I am back again.  I just ran a yum update and now roaming profiles
>>don't work.
>so quit running yum update silly!  (just kidding)....can you check to see
>what the "profiles" entry in the Samba Config section of smbldap.conf
>looks like now?  Also...if that doesn't work....try rebooting...and then
>if that doesn't work....try running the LATEST version of the script again
> http://majen.net/smbldap-installer-1.2-gamma.tgz   and make sure you
>create the users with /bin/bash and not /bin/false    Let me know what
>works and what doesn't....
smbldap.conf :

I ran the new script after wiping the machine yesterday

slapcat shows the users having /bin/bash as their shell

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>Technology Teacher/Coordinator
>Vassalboro Community School
>dtrask at vcs.u52.k12.me.us

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