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Sean Harbour SHarbour at nwresd.k12.or.us
Thu Feb 10 17:59:05 UTC 2005

Subject: Re: [K12OSN] RE: OSX application server

>> Only one showstopper I can see. The applications that you export to 
>> the thin clients have to be native X windows apps. The OSX native 
>> Aqua applications can't be exported to a thin client except via VNC 
>> or some other remote viewing protocol. That might work, but I don't 
>> know how you would run multiple Aqua desktops on a single OSX server.

>That is why I was thinking MacOnLinux.  If MOL runs the applications it must
>do some conversion so that X can view the apps.  So if MOL ran the app,
>displayed it on X, and then the X session is mirrored to the clients, wouldn't
>that work?

>I have no idea.  Just a thought.  Jim M already pointed out that native OSX
>apps wouldn't be ported to work with X so I saw this as a workaround.  

Should work, you would be building an OSX terminal server. As long as you mount the student
drives from the same NFS or local source as K12LTSP it should work fairly well. You would need to script something on
the K12LTSP desktop to initiate a new MOL session. Interesting idea. How much in the way of RAM and CPU does a single
MOL session use? Anybody try MOL lately and care to comment?

Sean Harbour
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