[K12OSN] What's the difference between perl-Unicode-Map8 and MapUTF8

Brian Chivers brian at portsmouth-college.ac.uk
Tue Feb 15 12:30:11 UTC 2005

OK I've given up trying to customise the smbldap-installer script to work
with Suse as it doesn't support things like `service smbd start` instead it
uses rcsmbd start so I'm working my way through the HOWTo instead.

One the Suse 9.1 cd's you get a perl-unicode-map8 rpm but not a mapUTF8 rpm,
my question is do I need both, what would happen if I didn't have UTF8 ?
what is the difference ?

I can install it via CPAN but I'm try to keep everything off the CD's or a
couple of downloads.

Brian Chivers
Portsmouth College

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