[K12OSN] Proxy Help

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Wed Feb 16 19:49:33 UTC 2005

there is some documentation on Dansguardian's site I believe...


Shawn Powers wrote:

> Unfortunately, I can't think of a *nice* way to do this, but perhaps 
> someone else knows:
> Due to recent abuse, I need to switch to authenticated proxying for 
> web access in our district.  I've done this in years past, but it 
> involved touching every computer.  Ugh.
> Does anyone have any ideas regarding tracking user web use, while 
> using a transparent proxy?  I'm open for any idea.  I *have* gotten 
> identd to authenticate, but ONLY if I enter the proxy info by hand.  
> Apparently the identd requests aren't formed correctly to work in 
> transparent proxy mode.
> Anyway, anyone have any ideas?  What do you do?  Especially on my LTSP 
> servers, I'm not sure how to update everyone to use the proxy... 
> Tracking by IP is not a help there either, because everyone is on the 
> same computer...
> Has anyone done:
> 1) Web portal type authentication?  Does it work?  Does it break things?
> 2) Forced proxy prefs in firefox on LTSP?  If so, HOW?!?!
> 3) Any ideas for user tracking would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> -Shawn

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