[K12OSN] Re: Tech to PC ratios?

Jimmy Schwankl schwankl at chatham.k12.nc.us
Fri Feb 18 15:05:39 UTC 2005

John Baillie wrote:

> 1. Is 1:150 the norm for Windows and Macs?
> 2. What do you believe is an optimal ratio for Windows or Mac?
> 3. What do you believe is an optimal ratio for K12LTSP desktops per
> Tech.
> 4. How detailed does this line of questioning have to be in order to
> become meaningful in regards to highlighting the benefits of K12LTSP

1) I'd say 1:150 would be a dream.  I think that's low. I'm the tech 
for two schools Mac and some Windows where the computers total about 
So my ratio is 1:500-ish.  I have one small K12LTSP lab in a science 
classroom where one beefy PC runs 10 clients. I know techs in other 
school systems here in North Carolina, USA that have ratios closer to 
1:1000.  (thank God for DeepFreeze, eh?)

2) I'd say the optimal ratio (meaning practically no downtime) for 
Windows or Mac is probably about where you are, but 1:250 isn't bad.

3) Probably higher.  But optimal?... I guess it all depends on what 
kind of servers one has.  Using high end PC's to handle each classroom 
separately VS a big honking server or two handling the school. I would 
make a stab at 1:750 (meaning 3 schools with big honking servers)  It 
would be good if folks who have big K12LTSP installations could chime 
in on this.

4) Not sure.


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