[K12OSN] I am the Teachertool Author...

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Tue Feb 22 14:12:09 UTC 2005

> Currently, TeacherTool lacks a home (it was software written 
> in a day for a friend), I will create a home for it on my 
> companies website shortly (by the end of the week).  I am 
> trying to dig up modified versions so the community gets the 
> best benefit from it -- I will merge all the good ideas into it.

Hopefully Chuck Liebow will pick up this thread.  He seems to use this
heavily and has added some features such as a runspy button (allows the
teacher to view students sessions and take control if desired).  He most
likely would have the most up to date versions for you to take a look

On another note, if you could work on this again it would be awesome.  I
am not sure if you are familiar with Apple Remote Desktop or the old
Network Assistant, but I see TeacherTool as being the Linux alternative.
The main tools in ARD that I use are the following:
Copy software/links to client machines (maybe could incorporate the
k12ltsp push icons script)
Control/Observe specific students machines
Running task list by client (gives an idea of what they are up to before
Kill all running programs/processes per client
Client Shutdown/Restart (Easy way on weekends to shut down all labs
remotely, but probably tough with thins)

I have not been able to use the current TeacherTool yet but will
shortly.  I am assuming it only gives access to viewing users on the
same server that the tool is running on.  So if it is not available yet
the ability to add multiple servers to the same tool with access via
dropdown could be handy.  Might ease administration of larger

Thanks for the resparked interest, and go nuts :-)

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