[K12OSN] Re: local floppy disk (Burt Carter)

Henry Burroughs hburroughs at HHPREP.ORG
Tue Feb 22 14:57:36 UTC 2005

Pardon my crummy reply format... Evolution doesn't allow me to forward
very well in this MIME version of the digest... bleh..

My rollout has slowed down b/c I'm not ready to replace some of the
win98 pcs with thin clients because of the floppy drive access issue. 
I've been using some of the LTSP wiki's instructions on local drives,
and making my own modifications (using automount instead of just
smbmounting in the user's own directory and SELinux for floppy directory
access control).  It creaps me thinking of dangling floppy disk mounts
to user's directories.. hence why I want to use automount.

Either using my mods (which aren't finished) or the LTSP wiki
instructions, I've figured out how to add icons under nautilus (Computer
Icon) for the local drives (gconf is FUN!).  I heard someone else on the
list is working on some enhancements as well.

* Printing to local printers:  Follow this writeup on the wiki:

Henry Burroughs
Technology Director
Hilton Head Preparatory School

>Burt Carter Wrote:

>Not sure if anyone has addressed these issues, but they are things that
I have to look at for a full LTSP rollout in my organization.
>1. Can a user write to a local floppy drive from a ltsp client
>2. Can a user print to a locally connected printer from a ltsp client.
>3. How much memory is required for a ltsp client.  Does less affect
>4. Can sound be heard on the local clients.
>5.  Can a cd-rom be played from the local ltsp client.
>6.  Has anyone integrated LTSP Server with NetWare 6 (or eDirectory) so
that users are authenticated by Netware(eDirectory)?
>7.  Has anyone implemented load balancing among multipe LTSP servers?
>8.  Has anyone run Accellerated Reader/Math, MS OFFICE or other MS
>related programs successfully from say SAMBA on a linux box. (Both
>client and server are linux).

>If anyone can shed some light on any of those topics, or point me in
>the direction to get more information it would be great.

>Burt Carter 

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