[K12OSN] Installing FC2 (4.2.0), but no GUI

richard ingalls aslansreturn at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 22 15:34:19 UTC 2005

When trying to install FC2 (using the K12ltsp 4.2.0
ISO's burned to CD), the installer does not go to the
GUI.  Instead it asks me for the install medium (hard
drive, CD ROM, network).  I tell it to install from
the CD ROM but it says it cannot find it!

What is going on here?  I just used these exact CDs to
install FC2 on a different machine and it worked fine.
 I'm willing to try the install via NFS if I need to,
but I'd like to know why this isn't working on this
machine.  Could it be that the video card isn't
recognized by the installer?  But that wouldn't
explain why I couldn't continue the install from CD

Any ideas?

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