[K12OSN] Netware 6 Authentication

Rasmus Ory Nielsen ron at ron.dk
Wed Feb 23 18:30:15 UTC 2005


ons, 23 02 2005 kl. 12:12 -0500, skrev Burt Carter:
> I am running Netware 6 in my environment and would like the ltsp clients to authenticate to the existing network.  This way I only need to maintain one set of users/passwords in LDAP.  Does anyone have ltsp clients logging into a Netware server. (I suppose it is actually the ltsp server that is doing the logging in).  
> As well if you are using LDAP such as OpenLdap, Active Dirctory, or Novell Directory Services; is it necessary to have individual user accounts on the ltsp server as well as in LDAP?
> I would appreciate it if anyone could point me in the direction of  some documentation.

Have a look at this

Rasmus Ory Nielsen

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