[K12OSN] one more time

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Thu Feb 24 14:36:04 UTC 2005

>  I want to implement a Linux terminal server to serve GIMP, some TUX
> stuff, Scribus, Kino, etc.   The users need to be able to 
> access the apps
> on the windows terminal server as well  and print to network 
> printers and save/load from their folders (on the Windows 
> file server).  These are elementary students and teachers -- 
> things must be pretty seamless for success.  This is my pilot 
> school -- I have 4 others presently running purely WIndows 
> networks (except for one standalone LTSP project with thin clients).
> Best scenario --At each school, my windows authentication and 
> file servers remain, and I add both WIndows and a LInux 
> terminal servers and get away from all those locally 
> installed apps.  Obviously adding Windows terminal servers is 
> no problem, its the linux.... Sharon

So how about you add a single NIC LTSP server to the network.  You slam
your Windows Terminal Server on the network.  You have all your clients
boot ltsp and run linux by default.  Then either connect to the Windows
Terminal server with Rdesktop when needed, or have another session in
the background connect to the Windows server on startup then alt+f2 or
something to switch to the windows environment and alt+f1 to switch back
to the linux.  Then setup your Linux server to be the Samba/LDAP server
and authenticate your Windows Terminal server to it.  Or worst case set
your ltsp server to auth to the Windows PDC.

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