[K12OSN] mounting home directories

Burt Carter bcarter at jchs.com
Fri Feb 25 16:06:32 UTC 2005

I have installed ncpfs and the pam_auth module.  After I set everything up following the directions given here, I was unable to authenticate. I left and came back about 30mins later and it worked?? Is this normal? It appears to be working now with the following exceptions.  When users login I get the  following output from /var/log/secure:

"user student.hsms.boe had trouble mounting hsms-home/user on /home/student/nwhome"

The student home directory on the Novell 6 server is actually: 

It appears to be attempting to mount the wrong directory to home and fails to mount.  
I was unable to follow the last step(step 4) in the K12LTSP howtoz.net document because /usr/bin/ncpumount and /usr/bin/ncpmount did not exist.  THe link I created in /usr/local/bin/ is broken due to this.  Could this be causing the problem?

Also, I see the following error in the /var/log/secure output occasionally: 
"WaitPid: Fatal: no child process"

Burt Carter


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