[K12OSN] Kill User processes on log-off

Henning Wangerin mailinglists-after-041101_reply-not-possible at hpc.dk
Mon Feb 28 09:46:13 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-02-23 at 16:45, Brandon Kovach wrote:
> It's my understanding that there are issues in Linux with being logged
> in as the same user in multiple instances.  Is this not correct? 

Linux itself don't care, do a number of user-programs have troubles with
it, so it depends on what you are doing, and the design og the programs.

Mozzilla and OpenOffice have problems with multible logins, but not
programs don't care.

>  There are howtos on the k12 page about how to disallow multiple
> instances of the same login.  I set those up here at my school and
> things are much smoother now.  We had problems with users losing the

In principle each user should have their own login, but that's not
always possible. In those cases you have to go on a compromise with some
of the security-features and/or what programs your users can use.
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