[K12OSN] Installing Moodle, MySql, and PHP

Robert Lefebvre robert.r.lefebvre at gmail.com
Sun Jan 30 03:27:02 UTC 2005

I'm a newbie (that will become obvious) and I'm trying to get Moodle
(a php-mysql based script) to run on K12. I didn't see any sign of
Mysql or Php being on the original install but I don't know my way
around yet to say that for sure. I downloaded MySql, PHP, and Moodle
and unpacked them to usr/local/src. Then I'm not sure what I did but I
seem to remember placing a code in the terminal that told me both were
Ist, are they properly installed and how can I test them. If and when
they are installed, where and how do I access Moodle? I also
downloaded mysql-administrator which, when I tried to open it, went
through an install process but I can't find it either. Can someone
walk me through this please?

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