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[K12OSN] USB Flash Drives

Hi all,

We're getting ready for our spring semester to start here and I'd like
to have the ability to plug in a USB flash drive to a terminal and
access it. I've just recently got CDROM access working. Anyway...I've
looked at the wiki but I don't want to use mtools and I tried Ron
Baughman's method but it doesn't seem to work for me. 

So, does anyone have any idea how to get local USB support working
(perhaps expand on Ron's excellent wiki article?) I also have a second
idea that might work. I could run a USB extension from the server itself
and into a USB hub in our lab room. However, when I do this users cannot
access the storage device that is plugged into the server. I get a
permissions error. So, alternatively, is there any way for a normal user
logged in at the terminal to have access to a USB drive plugged into the
server? This is new territory for me so if anyone could even just point
me in a direction to go that'd be helpful. 

Thanks in advance. 

Calvin Park
Assistant for Linux Systems
Computer Services Department
Davis College: A Practical college of Bible and Ministry

web: www.davisny.edu
email: linuxsys davisny edu
phone: 607.729.1581 ext 404

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