[K12OSN] Running K12LTSP on existing windows network without modifying windows server

Dan Visentin visentind at hdsb.ca
Mon Jan 17 16:57:04 UTC 2005

I'm very excited about setting up a K12LTSP system on one of our labs (archaic p150 machines running w95 VERY SLOWLY) in our school.  Currently we have an extensively wired school with one W2K server as part of a boardwide WAN.  I would like to set up a
K12LTSP server on the same network backbone but am concerned about conflicting DHCP servers.  I do not have access rights or permissions to modify the W2K server.

How can I basically attach the K12LTSP server to our network and have the clients boot to it through the existing network infrastructure without interfering with the W2K server? 

Can I modify the LTSP server to handle DHCP through a different port so that it doesn't conflict with the W2K DHCP server?

I'm a LINUX newbie and detailed advice would be much appreciated.

Dan Visentin
Head of Business/Computers/IT contact
M. M. Robinson H.S.

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