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Re: [K12OSN] lightweight file manager?

On Fri, 14 Jan 2005, Rob Owens wrote:
> Can anybody recommend a lightweight file manager?  I'm using IceWM and
> loading either Konqueror (which I like) or Nautilus takes a long time--a
> couple of seconds on my non-LTSP'd 2.0 Celeron.  I downloaded
> X-WinCommander http://xwc.sourceforge.net/ and it loads like lightening,
> but I really like the Konqueror look much more.  Plus I haven't tested
> it out for functionality yet.

I just use nautilus set up like this:

1. In /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions/IceWm I have the following line:

        /usr/bin/nautilus -n --no-desktop &

Starts up nautilus when the user logs in, doesn't seem to slow things down

2. In the menu I have:

prog "My Documents" file /usr/bin/nautilus --no-desktop --browser

(All on one line)

The users can then just go to My Documents in the menu and get their
Documents folder (we're mostly OS X, so all their documents are in a
folder called Documents). It works fast enough for us.

(Cool thing if nautilus manages the desktop with OS X. They both use the
folder Desktop, so if I allow nautilus to manage the desktop, any icons
they place on it under OS X show up under ltsp and vice versa. We don't
run it this way because it seems to be slower.)

Ryan Collins - Technology Coordinator
Kenton City Schools

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