[K12OSN] Locking down Mozilla and FireFox Preferences

Jesper Berth big at santaz.dk
Fri Jan 21 14:35:49 UTC 2005

fre, 21 01 2005 kl. 07:39 -0400, skrev Timothy Legge:
> Hi All
> Based on Andy Rabagliati's post about lockpref I found some great
> documents on how to lock down browser preferences.  You may have are
> read seen the LTSP Mozilla Lockdown HOWTO which basically tells you how
> to set the same preferences for all users: 
> http://togami.com/~warren/guides/mozlockdown/
> The message at:
> http://lists.suse.com/archives/suse-linux-e/2004-Jul/2868.html
> documents how to lock preferences.  In particular it deals with locking
> the browser into a particular proxy which would be great for filtering.
> I am sure there are more uses, but I plan to implement some of this very
> soon...

I have a squid proxy running on the netserver, and i use iptables to
force alle http trafic thru squid ..

i can find the script if you would like it


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