[K12OSN] Bondi Mac booting ltsp

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Fri Jan 28 03:01:44 UTC 2005

> Jim,
> With help from Chuck, i've been able to figure out the correct 
> string to check for, to set the correct root-path.
> I've written up my method on the LTSP wiki.  Take a look at this doc:
> Jim McQuillan
> jam at Ltsp.org

Cool!  I think the if statement for loading the correct filename need to 
have an elseif added to it as well.  Instead of PXEboot or vmlinuz (I know 
that isn't the right names) the "ppc" vendor needs to load 
filename "yaboot".  I don't know the correct syntax to do a if, elseif, if 
statement since there will need to be three options to handle PXE.

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