[K12OSN] 2nd NIC Card

Robert E. Gomberg robertgomberg at huntingworld.com
Tue Jul 12 15:53:02 UTC 2005

My best friend is the principle of a school in Sparks, Nevada and I am
trying to put together the pieces for putting 50 thin clients in 14


I have been able to get five compaq deskpro pIII clients to come up on eth0,
but when I plug eth1 into my network with the internet connection I can't
get it to work.


The network the eth1 is plugged into has a firewall that acts as the dhcp
server and does this just fine to the other 30 computers on it.  If I login
to the firewall I can see the DHCP server responding with but
the LTSP box doesn't pick it up.


I have changed network cards but I get the same thing.


If I manually configure the eth1 settings to (and open IP) I
can ping it from another machine, but I can't ping out from the machine.


Thanks, Robert



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