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Re: [K12OSN] Thin Client

Jim Kronebusch wrote:
60 or 70 terminals from 1 K12LTSP server this summer.  I am
a little nervous about performance.  Usually I will have 40 concurrent
connections but it will be very possible to have all terminals connected
at once.  My guess is most use will be OpenOffice and Firefox.  I have a
Dual 3.2GB Xeon box with 1.2TB of striped SATA drives and 4GB of RAM and


I was running an almost similar setup, except that I had SCSI-320 Raid5 drives, and /home was mounted via nfs.

I had about 115 clients booting from it, probably around 70-80 in use during the day. I was VERY worried about performance, so I used a spartan icewm manager without nautilus. (Nautilus could be launched to browse files, it with the --no-desktop flag, or whatever that flag is...)

The performance was VERY good. I especially noticed that openoffice opened instantly (well, 2-3 seconds) and didn't have a problem with firefox either.

I understand your paranoia -- I felt the same way, and even had 2 more servers on hand when the load was too great. I *never* used the other 2 servers all year (I know, waste of servers -- but I had them running seti-at-home, so they got a workout. :)

This year, I'm going to put all 3 into play, and try using nautilus as to supply desktop icons. We'll see how it goes.

Good luck,

Shawn Powers
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