[K12OSN] Active Directory - SMB/LDAP Switch

cliebow at downeast.net cliebow at downeast.net
Thu Jul 14 01:08:15 UTC 2005

i use somethin calles automountmaker for osx to create network shares
tolinux for the lexia installs...chuck
> > I'm writing this e-mail to the list to serve as a heads up to 
> > other people who might be looking to make this switch in the 
> > future. We switched from a Windows 2000 Active Directory 
> > setup that has been in place for ~4 years.
> Thanks for the tips!  I might use your roaming profile tweaks.  I want
> to avoid the transfer of data files back and forth on login as well.
> I have had the same thoughts on laptops here as well.  At least with
> Windows you have the option to let the roaming profile transfer locally
> when your offsite.  But, most of our laptops are OSX, and I have no idea
> how to copy a roaming users profile to a local user for when they are
> offsite.  So I will be setting up local accounts on the laptops and
> using shortcuts like you suggest to connect to the servers.  I was even
> thinking of instead of full roaming just NFS or SMB mounting the
> /home/username folder on startup and pointing the shortcut to it.  Not
> sure which way would be best.
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