[K12OSN] 4.4.0 upgrade

Ted Kanemori ted at hisurf.com
Fri Jul 22 23:10:30 UTC 2005

We have a 4.0.1, 28 station K12LTSP lab.  For the time being the kids are
using floppy access to save their work.
We'd like to upgrade to 4.4.0 and start using thumb (flash) drives.

I did a clean install of 4.4.0 on a "test" system and the flash drive shows
up on the system console and a copy of the flash drive shows up on the
clients. GREAT.
If the kids were to use their individual flash drive on their thin client,
it shows up in the floppy access as drive "U" and works fine. GREAT.

So, if I were to do a clean install on the server (like this was a new
install), the flash drives would work as expected.

I reloaded the "test" system with 4.0.1 and "upgraded" it to 4.4.0.
I've done the yum update and upgrade.
1. The server desktop looks very much like the 4.0.1 desktop and that's
2. Plugging the flash drive into the server has the flash drive icon showing
up on the clients and that's okay.

3. When the students plug their individual thumb drive in their client and
start floppy access, there is no "U" drive.
MToolsFM is at 1.9-3.
On the client hooked up to the "upgraded" 4.4.0 server, floppy access shows
only "Harddisk" and "A".
The student can save to the floppy but there is no flash drive to save to.

On the client hooked up to the "scratch install" 4.4.0 server, floppy access
showed "Harddisk", "A" and "U". 
In this case. the student can save to their floppy or flash drive.

Do I need to do something else to get "U" to show up in "floppy access" on
the upgraded system?


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