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Re: [K12OSN] Still foiled by Broadcom 5751s in PXE mode

Trae Elmore wrote:
The clients in my Dell Precision 370 lab still aren't booting properly. They are booting in PXE mode. They pull an address and begin to load the client kernel, however the th3 module isn't inserting properly and the result is a kernel panic.

The tg3 based NICs are crap. I may be a little unkind but I have been to the source more times than I would like and and it really looks like a chip that was rushed to market and each new revision is desparately trying to correct past mistakes.

If the Dell's are relatively new then you will probably need to actually use the broadcom driver direct from broadcom.com. Ordinarily that would be a simple kernel recompile but recent versions of LTSP require the build environment.

Your best bet is to try to identify which linux kernel version (if any) support your tg3. Then determine whether that kernel version can be used with LTSP (talk to Jim M of the ltsp.org project).

If the card is only supported by the Broadcom driver you need someone willing to go into the source and create a patch against the current ltsp driver.

Your best bet might be www.vfxweb.com where a 3c905C (PXE on the card) is $8.82 USD.


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