[K12OSN] Re: 4.2.1 fresh install, trying to move old /home to it

ssanders at coin.org ssanders at coin.org
Thu Jul 28 06:01:39 UTC 2005

> hi all, i have been doing nothing but upgrade, upgrade, upgrade for  
> the
> last three versions on my home/test server. i decided to try a fresh
> install on a new drive, then move the users' /home directory over.

update: what i wound up doing, was since this was a home/test server,
with only half a dozen accounts, i did fresh install. on another machine
with the old /home HD booted to knoppix, i ftped in as each user, and
sent their /home dir. this keeps all the permissions, etc. i know this
is a kludge, and certainly not viable for a large number of users.

what i am now doing, is keeping spare drive in the server for backup
that is formatted with EXT3. there is a filesystem backup utility in
Webmin (it's just a frontend for dump), and it works well. since the
LTSP box is running and drives are mounted normally, i don't care about
the LVM/knoppix issues, it's all accessable as just plain /home. backing
it up on a plain EXT3 drive means that i can potentially manually mount
it with knoppix and look through it later, if need be.

the Webmin backup has choices to do full backup or just diffs. i am
having a problem, however, getting it to run on a schedule. no errors in
the logs, it just doesn't happen. starting manually it runs fine. i have
tested several restores, and they seem good.

these are sloppy hacks for several reasons. i know that LVM is a better
way to deal with disks/partitions. i just need to learn more about it,
instead of working around it. especially since this is all local, i
think rsync would be a better way to go. it's been a couple of years
since i used rsync, i'm RTFM on it now a bit, trying to re-learn

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