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Not familiar with palm pilot but there is a package called pilot-link. It's on the cd.

>>> spowers at inlandlakes.org 2005-06-02 11:42:23 >>>

Does anyone have any ideas on how to address the "palm syncing" issue? 
I have a lot of teachers (and administrators) that want to sync their 
palm pilots with something.  Another problem with it is that they mostly 
want to sync "Documents to Go"

Any ideas?

I was thinking that perhaps the newest version of Doc2go has support for 
documents copied to/from an SDCARD to be directly edited (like with a 
usb card reader, which DOES work on a thin client).  But that doesn't 
solve the calender/application install problem.

Anyway, any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated by lil' ol' me.

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