[K12OSN] Palm Syncing

Gustav J Kramer gj.kramer at planet.nl
Sat Jun 4 16:12:12 UTC 2005

This is still on my "To do" list but since you haven't had a lot of
replies I will pass on what little I know, the caveat being that I
haven't had a chance to try this yet.


You will have to run pi-nredir as a local app on the terminal(s) with
the cradle(s).

On the server you will have to run pi-csd.

Alternatively, if you have a windows machine that supports terminal
services on your network, pi-nredir (on the thin client) can connect to
it, and by using rdesktop from the terminal your users would have access
to "Documents to Go".  The downside would be that you would then be
stuck with the windows calendering etc, although I suppose you could
selectively enable conduits on the linux and windows servers so that the
appropriate apps would get synced to the correct server.

I believe that both pi-nredir and pi-csd are part of the pilot-link

Hope this helps to get you started.  Let me know how you make out.

- gustav

 On Thu, 2005-02-06 at 11:42 -0400, Shawn Powers wrote:
> Does anyone have any ideas on how to address the "palm syncing" issue? 
> I have a lot of teachers (and administrators) that want to sync their 
> palm pilots with something.  Another problem with it is that they mostly 
> want to sync "Documents to Go"
> Any ideas?
> I was thinking that perhaps the newest version of Doc2go has support for 
> documents copied to/from an SDCARD to be directly edited (like with a 
> usb card reader, which DOES work on a thin client).  But that doesn't 
> solve the calender/application install problem.
> Anyway, any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated by lil' ol' me.
> -Shawn

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