[K12OSN] Accessing ESIS

Michael Williams mwilliams at haywood.k12.nc.us
Mon Jun 6 22:34:35 UTC 2005

> Is anyone using ESIS with the K12LTSP?
> http://www.aalsolutions.com/home.asp?referrer=4Ward+Google
> --scott

I did a preleminary test using k12ltsp a few months ago with no luck. It's
not a linux issue because I can access it from my linux laptop with no
problem. The state of NC started a state wide rollout of esis last year
and we were the first district of many to roll it out
http://www.ncwise.org . You do not have to run the jInitiator on linux but
do have to have the current java runtime (4.2 ?). It didn't like the date
format or something along those lines on initialization. I'm planning on
testing again as soon as we are settled back into our offices.

We were struck by two floods in a ten day time period last Sept. with 4
feet of water in my sever room. We are just now moving back into our
building ( on the second floor this time ;-).


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