[K12OSN] "marketing" the K12LTSP desktop

Shahms King shahms at shahms.com
Wed Jun 8 15:28:33 UTC 2005

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Eric Harrison wrote:
| Tom Ventresco wrote:
|> Desktop backgrounds...oddly enough the ability for all users to have
|> their own goofy background image has been a HUGE selling point this year
|> in our media center. I just left a group of kids who use the thins over
|> windows PC's for the speed and the small amount of customization ICE
|> allows them (themes and backgrounds) The students love it.
|> I agree some extra background images would not hurt.  Maybe a web site
|> like Gnome-look.org  but K12OSN-look.org ??  Or just show students
|> Gnome-look.org.  Oh another fun thing we do - In our Gnome labs kids
|> enjoy the GDM themes on login.   Another project here that I did not get
|> off the ground... Having my imaging classes make a GDM themes or
|> backgrounds as an assignment.  I am on the "make it look really cool"
|> band wagon.
|> I'm in.  What can I do ?
|> Tom
| "Extra" backgrounds is easy. Changing the default may-or-may-not be easy.
| There are lots of sources for backgrounds we can use. Paul Nelson hosts
| a photoblog for schools that is all under the Creative Commons:
| http://www.oregonphotoblog.org
| -Eric

I don't know about KDE, but changing the default GNOME background should
be pretty easy and can be done using gconftool-2 by applying a new
schema.  It should also be possible to write the value directly to the
"default source" if having multiple schemas applying to a single key
doesn't work well.

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